SHOTS: 170

Life feels more alive with camera in your hands. Having somebody, or some thing in front of your lens – the mutual recognition that: “Hey, you are there. And I’m here, interested in you.” The instant recognition of two things realising they are one, connected in a moment. If someone tells you, that they LOVE photography, they are not kidding around. It is love. The shared gifting of giving light and receiving depth, made real through a camera body. Each press of a shutter button a “Thank You” to everything happening. A poetry in motion and stillness. We’re writing with Light. Capturing a moment and then letting it go, and experience the next one while dancing with pleasure and pain of creating what is already happening.

When the “words can’t describe…”, that’s when we come in, to try to fake it, or make it or take it, with as much humour and sincerity as we can. One could say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I wrote that.

Johny Lukac

People, Artists, Events, Product Photography are Johnny’s specialities. It does not matter whether it is your family event, concert or portrait. It is even more true for your company: showing beautiful and original pictures (not some generic stock photos) of your products, team or premises sends a clear message that you care and your customers can trust you.

Feel free to ask about photographs or video for your business, family or upcoming event. I love making beautiful pictures and will make them happily for you for very reasonable price. I am based in Dublin, Ireland.

Johny Lukac | | mobile +353 (86) 267 7930